Who We Are

Since 2003, Mission Post has been providing post-production sound packages for independent feature films, television, animation and short subjects. Having amassed an impressive list of credits and clients, the Mission stands as one of the leading post-sound boutiques in Hollywood. A virtual post-production company, Mission Post can work at any budget level, always maintaining the highest of standards, and at any facility in Hollywood and beyond.

Selected titles include: Like Crazy, Breathe In, Willow Creek, Better Living Through Chemistry, It’s a Disaster!, Dealin’ With Idiots, World Full of Nothing, To Your Health – A Journey Into the Plant-Based World, The Guest, Faults, Dragon Day, Automotive, Monk With a Camera, The Quiet, Jean Claude VanDamme’s The Shepherd: Border Patrol, D.E.B.S., The Fallen Ones, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, House of the Dead 2, Normal Adolescent Behavior, The Happy Elf, Stan Lee’s The Condor, The Thing About My Folks, Look, National Lampoon’s Stoned Age, The Darkroom, Dead and Deader, Death Row, Voodoo Moon, Becoming Jesse Tate, Parental Guidance.

Client include: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Sony Pictures Classics, Stage 6, Starz!, Film Roman, New Line Home Entertainment, Lionsgate, Junction Films, IDT, Anchor Bay, National Lampoon, Paramount, ABC Family, Ma and Pa Pictures, Andrea Sperling Productions, Jamie Babbit, Harry Connick Jr, Brad Wyman, Moshe Diamant.

Scenes from the Mission:


Mixing “Automotive” at Todd-AO Burbank, July ’13


“Dragon Day” director Jeffrey Travis at Todd-AO, Burbank August ’13

(LtoR) Andy Hay, Sergio Reyes and Paul Stanley mixing "Thieves and Liars"

(LtoR) Andy Hay, Sergio Reyes and Paul Stanley mixing “Thieves and Liars” summer ’05


Andy Hay mixing "World Full of Nothing"

Andy Hay mixing “World Full of Nothing” August ’08


Jesse Pomeroy, owner/partner

Jesse Pomeroy, owner/partner

Paul Stanley, owner/partner

Paul Stanley, owner/partner

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